SOUL Electronics Announces High Performance Athletic Headphones Series

@ 2013/09/20
SOUL Electronics is fueling the competitor in all of us to get in the zone with the new Combat series - the first-ever true over-ear and on-ear headphone line built for athletic performance. The Combat series is designed to deliver premium-performance comfort and audio that fans of SOUL Electronics expect and includes the Combat+ Over-Ear Headphones, Transform On-Ear Headphones and Flex Sport Earphones offering a solution for every active lifestyle. With seven out of ten consumers using headphones for athletic activities - and 67% of these consumers seeking on-ear and 59% seeking over-ear headphones - the Combat series also fills a long-standing void in the marketplace.

The new Combat series was inspired and rigorously tested by SOUL ambassadors Tim Tebow and Usain Bolt - ESPY award winning athletes who both topped Forbes 2013 list of Most Influential Athletes in America. See Tebow and Bolt put Soul's new Combat+ headphones to the test during their intense training sessions here.

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