Mushkin DDR2 PC2-4200 1GB DC Kit

@ 2004/12/24
Mushkin was a bit slow with the release of DDR2 solutions. The
first and only available choice for DDR2 was their PC2-4200, rated at
4-4-4. The latencies were rather high for a speed of 266MHZ, but they
did come with nice silver heatspreaders. Mushkin has now expanded
their line of DDR2 options. There are now two choices of PC2-4200
memory, one rated at 4-4-4 without heatspreaders and one rated at 3-3-3
with heatspreaders. The sample we received today would most likely be
PC2-4200 3-3-3 with a heatspreader, although the sample was not clearly

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