Nissan surprises us all with smartwatch concept

@ 2013/09/09
Nissan's no stranger to conjuring up ideas outside its wheelhouse, but we still didn't expect the company to join the smartwatch fray. The device, if and when ready for commercial release, won't be a staunch Galaxy Gear competitor, though -- it's being developed specifically for the Nismo motorsports line. Since it's meant for use by racers, it'll monitor and analyze a vehicle's performance, and, as a nice bonus, even a driver's heart rate and social media presence. To be able to do so, it connects via Bluetooth to a proprietary smartphone app. The Nissan Nismo Watch is far from gracing shelves, but the concept will be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. Those who can't make the long trek to Germany will have to make do watching the video after the jump.

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