Virus in your mails!

@ 2004/12/23
Seems somebody does not know the meaning of "email spoofing"

got this in at

[quote]Hi I come from the site!

I get a few mails from you which included virus!

When I get more Emails from you, i will go to the police an said that
you send us virus an then you get post from that where you must pay a
much money to you, because you destroyed my PC-Files.

OK Thank you!

Steffen Blauhut
Comment from wutske @ 2004/12/23
My dad once caled a firm about a virus, seems like the conversation wasn't realy pleasant to hear
Comment from Bosw8er @ 2004/12/23
It's not as bad as actually having someone on the phone about this ... very unfriendly conversation ...