Overclockers UK Announces the Ultra High End 8Pack Systems

@ 2013/09/06
Today Overclockers UK have announced the ultra high end 8Pack systems, designed, built and created by the UK's number one overclocker, Ian "8Pack" Parry. The construction of an 8Pack PC is a long and arduous process resulting in the production of a truly bespoke extreme performance PC. The combination of premium hand selected components and years of world class experience allows 8Pack to create a machine of monumental standards. These systems are second to none, ultra high performance, truly bespoke and unlike anything else seen in the system integration market before. Tailored for the extreme consumer, who requires the very ultimate in performance technology combined with a unique craftsmanship only found in the finest of overclockers.

8Pack only uses the finest handpicked components; literally using a process of elimination over hundred of CPUs to find the absolute best overclocking chip for ultimate performance. With speed and stability guaranteed from the UK's number one overclocker, Overclockers UK is offering a system of unparallel performance, unlike anything ever seen before. Truly exclusive as every single 8 Pack system is built, tested, overclocked and benchmarked every step of the way by 8Pack himself to ensure the pinnacle of quality is maintained to Overclockers UK's militantly high standards.

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