SilverStone TJ05 Case

@ 2004/12/23
Overall, the TJ05 case is a great looking case with great performance. Being quite a big in size, it gave me a lot of room to work with along with the added weight. With the ability to support up to 5 case fans, the TJ05 provided exceptional ventilation but the bundled 120mm fans already did the job pretty well on its own. Unfortunately, LAN Party goers may have to leave this case behind due to its big size and heavy weight. Besides the SilverStone TJ05 can easily burn a hole in your pocket because it is more costly than other cases in the market. Considering the looks, performance and features of this case, I would say it’s worth the price you’re paying for it. The integrated Eudemon LCD fan controller and temperature display not only looks cool but it has great features too. Forget getting your tool box and get the TJ05 tool-less case instead!


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