Acer Liquid S2 hands-on

@ 2013/09/04
Acer is known for its influence on the PC and tablet markets, but it does actually have a pretty solid Android smartphone lineup as well -- and the company is starting to put more focus behind it. Take the Acer Liquid S2, for instance: it's a 6-inch Android smartphone with 4K recording capability, a Snapdragon 800 processor and 13MP camera, and we had the opportunity to check it out in Berlin ahead of IFA 2013. It's destined to arrive in Europe this October at a suggested price of 549 EUR.

The unit will come in both black and red hues, and we were able to play with each one. Reps indicated to us that the units they had on hand are still pre-production, so both firmware and hardware are subject to change between now and the phone's launch. With that said, we didn't notice any bugs or issues with general performance, but let's face it: even when it's not fully optimized, a device packing Snapdragon 800 still feels incredibly fast. Head past the break for our first impressions.

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