A.C.Ryan LAN.Ranger CAT6 Network Cable

@ 2004/12/22
In a nutshell, the LAN.Ranger is a CAT6 cable with silver EMI shielding beneath a clear shell. The cable also happens to be UV-reactive. For those unaware of CAT6, as the name implies it's the 6th generation of twisted pair Ethernet cables. CAT5 is still the predominant type and supports Fast Ethernet (100Mbps). Although it usually contains 4 pairs of twisted copper wire, only two are utilized. CAT5 enhanced (CAT5e) supports short range Gigabit Ethernet (1000Mbps) by using all 4 pairs of wires. CAT6 also supports Gigabit Ethernet like CAT5e, but it allows for communications at twice the speed.

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