Archos outs a phone and several Android tablets ahead of IFA

@ 2013/08/30
The rest of us haven't even started packing for IFA and yet here's Archos, spilling the beans about what it'll be showing off in Berlin next week. As ever, the company's got lots to talk about. Lots. The lineup includes a bunch of tablets and a handset, all running Android. At the top of the tablet heap is the company's Platinum range, which includes aluminum-clad slates running quad-core processors, Android 4.2 and displays with up to 2,048 x 1,536 resolution. The 101xs2, not part of the Platinum line, also has a quad-core processor inside, along with front-facing stereo speakers and a magnetic keyboard. Then there's the Xenon tablet series -- three devices that the company is positioning as "cheaper than Apple or Samsung Wi-Fi tablets." For gamers, the company will be trotting out a currently spec-less GamePad 2, and for kids, Archos is going to show off the skinned and parent-friendly ChildPad.

There are a few more details available for the Archos 50 Oxygen, a flagship handset that features vanilla Android 4.2, a quad-core CPU, 16GB of storage and a 13MP rear-facing camera. The company also used the opportunity to tease a "unique Smart Watch concept." How is it unique? We can't really tell you. More information on that and the rest of the above coming soon, we're sure. Hey, the company has to save something for IFA, right?

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