Intel stressed out in Tom's Hardware test

@ 2004/12/21
USUALLY I burble on for a few paragraphs more en route to a complete wibble. But this stress test on Tom's Hardware leaves me lost for my guid Scottish words.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/22
Part two:
Normal people don't stress PC for days ......
Well, there are people leaving game and other programs running without knowing the CPU is stressing and leave for work or out of town ......... only to find out the Prescott has melted on their returns.
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/22
[M] appears @ ....

And, I really didn't know all these years that people "normally" use something called "case" or "computer chassis" to house all the interconnected components in a pErSoNLe cOmPUteR., which didn't make any sense to me open case may well run the system faster and cooler.

"I don't really expect normal people to read my test result which is really intended for extreme people."

Definition of Extreme .........

Hummmm, they are extremely Tall people.
Comment from DUR0N @ 2004/12/22
right. A giant ad of AMD on all pages