OCZ ModStream Power Supply Roundup

@ 2004/12/21
There is a new trend that recently emerged in the world of power supplies, the wireless trend. Yes, the industry is moving towards reducing the unnecessary wires from the power supplies to better assist in system aesthetics and overall heat dissipation. Personally, this is one of the impressive, long awaited changes that have happened to power supplies in a long time.

Agreeably, the power of the units increased and manufacturers paid close attention to noise, thermal and exterior aspects, but the annoying wires were left untouched. Thankfully, the power supply manufacturers have introduced something that will leave many users delighted. The modular design of the power supply allows you to disconnect/connect the leads according to system requirements. For example, if you only need four molex connectors, you can simply leave the additional connectors in its original packaging, in return, reducing the wire clutter inside the system.

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