PowerColor X700Pro 128MB

@ 2004/12/21
It is about time we see some difference between 128 and 256MB cards, the Powercolor X700pro, while a decent card in all respects, just cannot keep up with the double frame buffered sibling. The 128MB framebuffer brings the price down quite a bit when compared to the 256MB offerings. However, with about half the performance in Futuremark 05 or greatly decreased performance under real world games, this card is certainly positioned for the user who needs a new generation card without the hole in the wallet. Having native (and included) HD-TV support out of the box is a nice feature, along with the software bundle included. The card itself follows reference design and does allow for the user to push it beyond initial settings. It is a nice budget card if you are looking for a cheap next-gen card but I would recommend stepping it up to 256MB if possible. The 128 version still performs well in everything but Doom3, which challenges even the most high end of systems. This card would certainly work in a system where you can compromise some performance for a large savings, but I would still look for the 256MB version, which Powercolor also offers.


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