Jabra MOTION Bluetooth Headset

@ 2013/07/29
One of the most time consuming and hard trials of the past 5 years or so has been for me to try and find a Bluetooth wireless headset that can be used while riding on a bike or with the top of my cabrio car down. Something like that may sound a bit funny considering the vast number of wireless headsets in the market especially since most claim to offer plenty of volume combined with some short of wind-filter that makes it very easy for both ends to communicate even in places with lots of wind but to date only one has really worked well enough in such environments and that's no other than the latest Voyager Legend by Plantronics. Well good enough however is not enough for us and so although the Voyager Legend has been our "weapon" of choice for the past year or so we feel that there's still room for improvement and to that end for the past week we've been testing the latest Bluetooth wireless headset by Jabra, the MOTION.

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