ABIT Woes: Financial Irregularities Under Investigation

@ 2004/12/17
At the time of our writing it's about 04:30 in the morning in Taipei,
so the very fullest details are difficult to establish, but we've just
heard that the Taiwanese authorities have come out and confirmed that
the owner of ABIT, or perhaps ABIT itself, is under investigation for
financial irregularities.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/17
This small island, Taiwan, has been controlling better than 99% of motherboard market in recent years. In fact, it has the control of 90% or more in ownership of major PC components stretching it's manufacturing powers into mainland China making use of low labor rate there.

No matter which brand of motherboard is sitting inside your case, the "Made in China" country of original sticker will be there.

It is vital that Taiwan holds true in upholding the law of commerce so that the industry remains strong. As we own the products or purchase products from them, we are partners. Cheating your partner is the same as cheating your investors.

This event will only make Abit stronger down the road, and set a warning to others.