Reintroduction of the Prometeia and Accessories Giveaway

@ 2004/12/16
As some of you may know, Extreme Cooling Technology APs (ECT) has recently purchased the assets of nVentiv, aka Chip-con, and is now producing new Prometeia Mach II GTs and accessories. ECT has over 60 years of refrigeration experience and considerable expertise in developing extreme cooling. ECT would like to introduce itself and hear from its customers about what products they'd like to see as well as improvements o*n its existing o*nes. We have been informed that the Intel 775 kit will be out shortly with all distributors and resellers are fully stocked with Mach II and Mach II GT's and accessories for immediate delivery. o*n a last note, warranty service is now the responsiblity of the local distributor and units do NOT have to be shipped back to Denmark. ECT believes that this arrangement will enhance the end user experience and provide a higher level of service that their customers deserve.

To celebrate ECT's reintroduction into the market of Prometeia products, Garry at Hardwaregods has been working closely with ECT, Phil of Extreme Prometeia and Xtreme Resources to setup a special "Reintroduction of the Prometeia and Accessories Giveaway." With ECT, Extreme Prometeia and Hardwaregods have generously donated many items to Xtreme Resources for the Giveaway.

Here is the Official List of prizes to be given away starting o*n December 25th (item 8) and finishing January 1 (item 1) with the Grand Prize Mach II GT. A very special thanks to ECT, Extreme Prometeia and Hardwaregods for donating these fantastic prizes for the giveaway!

1. Mach II GT
2. Blue anodized ALU kit
3. Silver ALU kit
4. AMD A64 CPU kit
5. Intel CPU kit
6. Seal String
7. Blue LCD
8. Enlight Top Case

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