Antec Phantom 350W Passive PSU Review

@ 2004/12/16
We first heard about Antec's fanless power supply almost a year ago. At the Las Vegas CES in January, Antec showed an early pre-production version of the Phantom, but it remained out of sight through the year, staying true to its moniker. A week or two ago, just after a production sample showed up at the SPCR lab, Antec finally released the Phantom 350. It is now featured on their web site. Antec representatives were eager to see a quick SPCR review; I've tried my best to be thorough in the short time I have had with this unit.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/17
Or, at least on a economy scale using this from THW;

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/17

This is what I use to work with in a sound room to measure anything less than 25dBA.
Comment from jmke @ 2004/12/17
Originally posted by lazyman

If they are going to report dBA, they'd better show the equipment and environment the measurement is taken.
here ya go:

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/17
Just audible is 10 dBA
Soft whisper at 15 feet is 30 dBA
A quiet room is about 28dBA
A noisy drive measures about 36-38 dBA
A quiet office is about 40 dBA
Air conditioner, normal speech, 60 dBA
Noisy restaurant, freeway traffic, noisy office, 70 dBA
Hearing protection recommended at 80 dBA
Lawn mower on grass is 85 dBA
Heavy truck in traffic measures 90 dBA
Rock concert is 110 dBA
Auto horn at 3 ft, maximal vocal effort results in 120 dBA
Thunderclap is 130 dBA
Jet air ops on a US Navy carrier deck is 140 dBA

A quiet room is a room with sound insulation and special air in/out let. In order to measure 23dBA, equipment must be inside a sound room, and not an office.

There is just too much bullsh_t on this to get money from people. If they are going to report dBA, they'd better show the equipment and environment the measurement is taken.

Unless you are a very "special" person living in a very "special house" or working in a very special "office". 35 dBA will be the min. saturation you are living in.

The question is : Would you care for a song that you could not hear?

However, I have to give credit to the better than 80% efficiency factor. In this case, the quest for silence is forcing the manufactuerer to put in quality components; by the same token using a sub-35 dBA fan would yield better result.