[M] Corsair Carbide AIR 450 Computer Case Review

@ 2013/07/11
During COMPUTEX 2013 CORSAIR introduced a few new enclosures, the Carbide 330R and the 450 AIR version. While the first is more a refinement of exiting designs, the new 540 AIR sports a revolutionary design for mass production cases. The concept behind this case is that the case is divided in two halves. One side houses the mainboard, graphic card and cooling devices; in the second compartment installation of the SSD and optical drives and power supply is foreseen, thus the airflow is maximized for the hotter running components of your favourite hardware. The big custom made cube cases, in particular the UFO series from Mountain Mods are the foundation for these particular multi-compartment designs. However CORSAIR seems to have pulled it off to bring this design to the masses at a fraction of the cost.

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