Lenovo ThinkPad Helix review

@ 2013/07/05
It's been six months since Lenovo launched the ThinkPad Helix at CES, but during that time we've never really stopped talking about it. Every time we've reviewed a comparable product -- a small-ish PC that could be used in some sort of tablet mode -- we've returned to the Helix as a beacon of what could be in this category. All told, the Helix has had a few things potentially recommending it: it rocks the same sturdy, well-spaced keyboard you'll find on other ThinkPads and a spec list that includes NFC, a Wacom pen digitizer and a high-quality, 11.6-inch, 1080p display. Best of all, the Helix can be used in three ways: not just in tablet mode, but with the tablet inserted either facing the user or pointed away, a design Lenovo is calling "Rip n' Flip." It's the sort of versatility we loved so much in Lenovo's Yoga line; only this is a more compact machine with a higher-res screen and pen input. Sounds lovely, right? Read on to see if it's as good in practice as it is on paper.

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