Arctic Cooling Freezer 4 & Freezer 7 Review

@ 2004/12/14
Overall, the Arctic Cooling Freezer 4 and Freezer 7 is a great CPU cooler. With these Freezers, you’ll get yourself a cool CPU, minus the noise. Installing and getting these Freezers running was quick, thanks to its user friendly design. Priced just at USD34 / RM130 each, these Freezers are definitely a steal. Although it might not freeze your CPU temperatures down sub-zero levels, it puts up a good fight among the best CPU coolers we had, and the Freezer even beat the Hyper 6. If you loved the Silencer and silence, then the Freezer might just be the right CPU cooler for you

Comment from kr15t0f @ 2004/12/14
Originally posted by HardFreak
wow, it beats the XP90/92mm delta combo :ww:
with stock thermal paste
Comment from wutske @ 2004/12/14
wow, it beats the XP90/92mm delta combo :ww:
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/14

S478 P42A @2.5 Ghz is running 8C hotter than LGA775 Prescott. I'm more confused now.

While my 2A @3.2 Ghz air cooling with stock Intel is running 46C load and 31C idle (own since Jan. 2003); S478 Prescott 2.8E @3.5Ghz is running 54C Load and 39C idle which I thought was darn good. And, I have not been drinking for weeks.
Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/14
LGA775 must be running hell a lot cooler than S478 Prescott; second day I read the similar trend ...... unless Mobo difference plays the same on both cases.