Sony's Crackle arrives on BlackBerry 10

@ 2013/07/04
Slowly, but steadily, BlackBerry's building its BB10 app catalog with some major gets. Today, that burgeoning list grows by a very important one with the addition of Sony's Crackle. The free, ad-based streaming video service, which culls together content from Sony's various TV and film studios, is available to download now from BlackBerry World. It's also compatible with the Q10's teeny, 3.1-inch screen, so if you hate your good eyesight, you can devote an hour or two to reliving the opus that is Bad Boys II. Sure, popular apps like Instagram, Hulu Plus and Netflix have yet to make their way over to BB10, but you can't fault the Waterloo-based outfit for getting users what it can. Even if that means bringing them Bad Boys II.

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