IBM union reacts to Rometty's 3,000 job cull

@ 2013/07/04
The IBM Employees' Union claims that since 12 June more than 3,000 US and Canada IBM workers were sacked without the slightest nod from management, and much of the anger is being directed towards new CEO Ginni Rometty.

Both senior and new hires have fallen victim to job culls, according to the statement, with no explanation given. It claims there is a sense of rising anger at IBM towards Rometty and "other executives".

On the union website, one anonymous worker said entry level staff are cut while "Queen Ginny and Grandpa Sam are in their palace and eat caviar for $10 million each day".

"IBM promoted great leadership in the last decades," the anonymous worker said. "The senior leadership team obviously did not attend these leadership classes. Instead they attended the class 'how to become a perfect coward'".

The union claims IBM's leadership "only cares about money" and says the 2015 roadmap saw Rometty neglecting and disrespecting IBM's greatest asset, its employees.

"There is a growing employee vote of no confidence in the running of the company by CEO Rometty," the statement reads. "Some say Rometty should be fired".

The statement concludes: "Do we allow CEO Rometty and others to continue abusing employees or do we fight back? It is your choice".

We have approached IBM for comment.

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