Seiki launches 39-inch 4K TV for $699, expects 65-inch model by fall

@ 2013/06/25
You thought Seiki's 50-inch 4K TV was affordable? You haven't seen anything yet. The company is releasing a 39-inch 4K set before the end of June for $699, with pre-orders at Sears starting on the 27th. The screen probably won't compete with top-tier rivals, but it's hard to disagree with the price -- we're really looking at a regular 1080p, 120Hz TV that happens to handle 4K, even if few can see the extra detail at this size. And don't worry if you think Seiki should be going larger. The company plans to ship a 65-inch 4K set by the fall, which should cover those who equate large resolutions with large screens.

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