Thermaltake Shark Case

@ 2004/12/13
Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun. Ahhhhhhhh!!! The whole Jaws phenomenon caused quite the stir back in the day, keeping many beaches empty for the summer. Thermaltake incorporates the whole shark theme into its new aluminum Shark case and causes quite a stir in the water. Stay there at the safety of your computer, as I get a closer look at the all new Thermaltake Shark.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/13
Pay attention to the front intake comments

Passive panel intake - good for Chill Vent
did the same with Transformer (Sunbeam) without fan panel fans using the supplied grill with "meshed screen" to block out dust.... works nice.