EPoX 9NDA3+ nForce3 Ultra Socket 939 Motherboard

@ 2004/12/13
The EPoX EP-9NDA3+ motherboard is based on nVidia's nForce3 Ultra chipset supporting the latest Athlon64 & AthlonFX Socket 939 processors. The nForce3 Ultra chipset officially supports a 1GHz HyperTransport link, along with all the features of the regular nForce3 250gb chipset (like Gigabit Ethernet, on-chip Firewall, and "Any Drive" RAID technology). EPoX has packed as many features as they can onto this board, providing the user with the ultimate NF3 S939 platform. Overclocking has not been forgotten either, with tons of CPU and memory tweaking options, along with a variety of voltage choices in the BIOS, this board is sure to be a hit.

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Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/13
We all pray for you on this one.
Comment from calantak @ 2004/12/13
well, let's pray this one works, one is underway for me