Lytro finally enables camera's WiFi chip, introduces iOS companion app as well

@ 2013/06/20
Though Lytro early adopters might not know it, every one of those little light field cameras actually has a WiFi chip embedded inside, lying dormant until the company decides to flip the switch. Well, that time has finally come in the form of a firmware update, and wouldn't you know it, it coincides nicely with the release of a new iOS app as well. Dubbed Lytro Mobile, the app connects with the device over WiFi (naturally), letting you view its contents on your favorite iOS device. Simply select the Camera feature in the app, and it'll prompt you to swipe the Lytro's menu drawer until you see the WiFi logo as shown in the picture above. Tap it, follow the on-screen instructions, and voilĂ*, you're now able to upload your images directly to either over a cellular or WiFi connection, no USB plug required.

Like the Lytro desktop app, the mobile version lets you refocus a picture and change its center of perspective via Perspective Shift. You can also add captions and geotagging data, and share your living pictures via Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS. Along with letting you see what's on your camera itself, the app also gives you access to a mobile version of the Lytro website. You can check your profile, view the most popular and most recently uploaded pictures and "like" any photo that strikes your fancy. Interestingly, the app also lets you create an animated GIF out of a living picture -- simply select either "refocus" or "perspective shift" on any of your Lytro shots to have one of those two animations added to your camera roll (we've included an example GIF after the break). Last but not least, the Lytro Mobile app has a series of tips for Lytro owners to learn more about their camera. To learn more about the app, check out the screenshots, video and release after the break. Or you can just head to the App Store link to download it right now.

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