Exclusive: Microsoft MOOL Revealed

@ 2004/12/12
Something new is coming from Microsoft! Microsoft MOOL! In other words, Microsoft Office Outlook Live. A new add-on for Outlook 2003 or XP. Continue reading for more information.

According to a flash presentation, Microsoft would start giving a service out called, Microsoft Outlook Service. The Outlook Service allows you to manage your MSN Hotmail account, MSN account or your MSN Personal account all under one program, Microsoft Outlook 2003 or XP. This will enable notes, calendar dates, contacts and tasks to be transferred to your Microsoft Outlook program.

The presentation talks about how easy it easy to login to MSN Hotmail through Outlook 2003/XP, explaining that you have to input your Microsoft .NET passport details.

Another important feature that is included in the Outlook Live Subscription,
is the protection against viruses and junkmail

are you kidding me? "MOOL" ? what the hell were they thinking

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