Microsoft, hardware vendors face raft of OEM licence suits

@ 2004/12/12
Consumer laws breached, claim

By INQUIRER staff: Sunday 12 December 2004, 13:10

A FRENCH GINGER group is forecasting further legal action against Microsoft and system manufacturers in France for bundling Windows software with built machines and failing to give adequate recompense if people don't accept the user end licence agreement.
According to the Groupe detaxe de l'AFUL, selling Windows OS with hardware violates a minimum of three laws intended to provide consumer protection.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/12
I, for one would love to see the development of the story.


1) Build your own system - you will have to pay over $150 for XP Home or >$250 for XP Pro.
2) Buy a Dell budget system for less than $400 the OS is included.

I feel like being robbed as a consumer.