Basic System Buyer's Guide - Holiday Season 2004

@ 2004/12/12
With the holiday season upon us PC upgrades are commonplace. Unfortunately most of us don’t have the means to invest in SLI 6800GT video cards, terabyte storage, gigs of RAM, the latest CPUs, and other high end components. And when you think about it, none of that is really necessary. Sure you’ll be able to play Doom 3 and Half Life 2 at the highest settings with FSAA and AA cranked up at decent frame rates, but the selling point of these games is their scalability.

From personal experience, I’ve had a relatively untouched computer for almost 2 years now, with some components as old as 3. A minor hard drive upgrade here, a tiny CPU boost there, a little more RAM, but nothing as major as a complete overhaul. I’m still using the GeForce3 Ti200 I’ve had for years and a moderately overclocked Athlon XP 1700+ JIUHB. And the beauty of it is that I can still play D3, HL2, WoW, and any other new titles. Granted it’s not a pretty sight, but they’re certainly playable (by my standards anyway).

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/12
Yeah, it is the "cut throat" pricing, you can get the same system built with OS for the same price.