Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 APS-C zoom lens priced at a surprisingly reasonable $800

@ 2013/06/14
When we came across the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM a couple of months ago, the first thing that popped into our heads was: how much? After all, it's the first-ever zoom lens with a constant sub f/2.0 aperture, and even those with a higher f/2.8 go for thousands of dollars. Well, luckily for camera enthusiasts everywhere, the Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM has a street price of $799 -- less than half what we expected. Better yet, it'll be available in "early July" in Sigma and Canon mounts, which means it'll arrive just in time for some of you to shoot creamy bokeh shots of sunflowers in bloom. Nikon, Sony and Pentax mounts will come later in the year.

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