Nokia kills Symbian

@ 2013/06/14
Although it has been on life support for a while, the former rubber boot maker Nokia is about to pull the plug on its most successful product in November.

Nokia has announced that it will halt shipments of handsets bearing the self-built Symbian operating system sometime this summer.

According to AllThingsD, any remaining handsets will only be sold in emerging markets to deplete stockpiles.

We might see a few Symbian phones tip up in places where they have not heard of Android or Windows 8 and apparently there is still a demand for some of the low cost handsets in those regions.

But the move will bring a slow painful death for the OS, which is looking more dated than a Tunisian oasis.

Officially it also means that the terms of Nokia's Faustian pact with Microsoft will be complete and the company's fortunes will be ever linked to that of the Vole.

Nokia said that the Nokia 808 Pureview handset, the last Symbian handset the company produced, was a fitting end for the once-beloved system.

The Nokia 808 PureView acted as a bridge for the next wave of innovation now seen in the Lumia 925, a Nokia spokesman said.

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