Intel Expands Software Portfolio for Big Data Solutions

@ 2013/06/13
The amount of available data is growing at exponential rates and there is an ever-increasing need to move, process and store it to help solve the world's most important and demanding problems. Accelerating the implementation of big data solutions, Intel Corporation announced the IntelĀ® Enterprise Edition for Lustre* software to make performance-based storage solutions easier to deploy and manage. Businesses and organizations of all sizes are increasingly turning to high-performance computing (HPC) technologies to store and process big data workloads due to its performance and scalability advantages. Lustre is an open source parallel distributed file system and key storage technology that ties together data and enables extremely fast access. Lustre has become the popular choice for storage in HPC environments for its ability to support tens of thousands of client systems and tens of petabytes of storage with access speeds well over 1 terabyte per second. That is the equivalent to downloading all "Star Wars"* and all "Star Trek"* movies and television shows in Blu-Ray* format in one-quarter of a second.

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