Rambus settles patent dispute with SK Hynix

@ 2013/06/13
Memory outfit turned patent troll Rambus has penned a $240 million patent licensing agreement with SK Hynix.

The dispute dragged on for 13 years, which means it dates back to the turn of the millennium, when Rambus was still relevant. The five-year agreement will settle all outstanding disputes between the two companies, Rambus CEO Ron Black said.

Although Rambus says it likes to settle rather than litigate, it also warned that it would aggressively defend its IP if needed, which comes as no surprise as that’s practically the only thing Rambus has done over the last decade.

Rambus still has patent disputes with Micron Technology and STMicroelectronics over DRAM and SoC technology. However, it has made peace with LSI, Fujitsu Semiconductor, Nvidia, MediaTek and Samsung, IDG reports.

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