Vodafone plans invasion of German cable

@ 2013/06/13
Sources within the blighty mobile phone maker Vodafone have leaked to Bloomberg that the outfit is planning to write a $13.27 billion cheque to buy Kabel Deutschland.

The move is part of British plans to find Lebensraum in Europe's biggest economy.

Wall Street analysts said that they knew that Vodafone was in talks with Kabel Deutschland but expected that it would meet its Dunkirk after Vodafone struck a deal last month with Deutsche Telekom allowing it to offer pay-TV over high-speed broadband to its German customers.

It would appear that the deal has not gone away and that Vodafone is keen to blitzkrieg the German communications market.

A Vodafone spokesperson declined to comment and Kabel Deutschland would not get out of bed to comment on such rumours and speculation.

However it appears that the Germans are holed up in a bunker waiting for a better offer from the British. Takeover talks have not formally begun because Kabel Deutschland believes the price Vodafone suggested was too low, Bloomberg said.

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