MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX Motherboard Review @ HiTech Legion

@ 2013/06/12
The MSI MPOWER MAX Z87 is a high-end mainboard that is primarily designed for overclocking but also includes plenty of features fit for gamers and enthusiasts. The MPOWER MAX Z87 mainboard draws inspiration from MSI’s Lightning series of video cards and is equipped with Military Class IV technology, DigitALL Power PWM and all OC essential features. Utilizing super-pipe technology, the MSI MPOWER MAX Z87 has a unique VRM heatsink design optimized for low-airflow environments which is ideal for LN2 setups. With three PCI-E x16 slots spaced optimally for multi-GPU setups, the MSI MPOWER MAX Z87 motherboard can run up to two NVIDIA video cards in SLI and up to three AMD video cards in CrossFireX. Similar to MSI’s Gaming line, the MSI MPOWER MAX is outfitted with high-quality audio powered by an EMI shielded Realtek ALC1150 codec with built-in headphone amps, gold plated connectors in an isolated PCB area to minimize interference.

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