iFixit tears down 2013 MacBook Air, finds bigger battery and smaller SSD

@ 2013/06/12
iFixit has a tradition of tearing apart Apple gadgets (and many others) as soon as they're on sale, and it's maintaining that custom with a fresh peek at the 2013 edition of the 13-inch MacBook Air. This isn't a repeat of last year's by-the-book affair, however -- there's a few minor surprises in store. We now know that Apple is bolstering the efficiency of Intel's Haswell chips with a larger 7,150mAh battery pack, and that Broadcom makes the 802.11ac WiFi chip. The solid-state drive inside also represents a major rethink: while we've heard that Apple has switched the drive's interface from pokey SATA to PCI Express, we can see that the SSD itself has shrunk dramatically since 2012. iFixit is still down on the Air's repairability and scores it four out of ten, but those who've wanted to answer a few of Apple's more recent riddles will still want to check out the full examination at the source.

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