Nyko reveals new accessories for Xbox One, PS4 and NVIDIA Shield

@ 2013/06/12
Now that we know mostly everything about the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, it's about time for peripheral makers to start showcasing their planned gear for these next-gen consoles. As such, Nyko's taken to this year's E3 to announce a few products meant to be used alongside Microsoft and Sony's recently announced entertainment boxes -- there's a Smart Clip, a Charge Base and a Headset Adaptor (Xbox One-only). Meanwhile, Nyko also took the time to unveil a little something for the NVIDIA Shield, including a dock that doubles as a charging station, a couple of sleek traveling cases and a kit which provides power to the unorthodox handheld while on the go or at home. Nyko didn't dive into much of the availability (or pricing) specifics, but the trend seems to be that the add-ons will be available later this year.

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