PlayStation 4 hands-on: DualShock 4 and games

@ 2013/06/12
This morning, we got our first official hands-on with Sony's brand-new PlayStation 4 -- unveiled last night at E3 2013. Though we got to put our hands on the new DualShock 4 last evening, today we were finally able to play some next-gen games. The first game we played was a new racing game, known as DriveClub, and it uses the PS4 Eye and DualShock 4.

Right when we started, the game took a picture of us using the Eye and it... well it came out kinda blue. The room we're in was very blue, and the image reflected that -- it wasn't the highest quality, and it's a bit of a gimmick, but neat nonetheless. More importantly, when we actually played the game, the DualShock 4 felt great. It's light, responsive, and comfortable -- the new thumbsticks with convex tops cradle your thumbs, and the triggers easily hold your pointer fingers. As for the face buttons, things are nigh identical with previous DualShock iterations. The standard ex / triangle / circle / square combo remains, and looks just about the same as on the DualShock 3. Though the touchpad didn't have any in-game effect in DriveClub, the pad is easily clickable and not too far from your thumbs to quickly jump from face buttons to it.

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