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@ 2004/12/10
I of the Enemy v2.21 Demo

- Elite Warriors: Vietnam Announced

- Nintendo Boosts Shipments in US

- Mario Power Tennis Release Date

- DK King of Swing Release Date

- Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat Release Date

- X²- The Return Website

- Medal of Honor Pacific Assault Mod Developer Kit v1.0

- Alexander – The Hour of Heroes Patch

- WWII Sniper Call to Victory v1.01 Patch

- Bad Mojo Ships

- Star Wolves Screens #10

- Bridge Builder German Demo

- Out of Hell 10 December 2004

- Mercenaries Trailer #3

- Chapter from Book Patton's Vanguard Included in WWII Tank Commander

- 2005 D.I.C.E Summit Speakers and Topics Announced

- StarShift: The Zaran Legacy Movie/Screens

- Screens #7: Full Spectrum Warrior

- Banjo Pilot Screens #2

- First Screens: MX vs. ATV Unleashed

- Worldwide Soccer Manager First Screens

- X2 The Return Teaser Movie

- Conspiracy: Weapons of Mass Destruction New Screens

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