ThermalTake SViking (VA4000)

@ 2004/12/07
ThermalTake originally brought out their “Xaser” branded cases that have
grown exponentially in the past year with the introduction of the WinGo
and Damier cases. Today, I have the privilege of taking a look at
ThermalTake’s recent SViking case that offers a unique design with a
locking front door and side panel, thumbscrews, a drive bay rail system to
eliminate screws and some serious cooling. Let’s take a close look at how
this case is put together and what it offers you, the user.

Comment from Sidney @ 2004/12/07
So unlike Thermaltake case. How can they sell cases without ANY panel fans? This is so unreal; how else can I cool the vcard and CPU??

To me..... Thermaltake finally understands air flow; Congrats on the first step taken, now move the second foot you are going forward