Antarctica beats Iraq, Jamaica, Cuba on internet front

@ 2013/05/10
The CIA World Factbook is a really useful resource for discovering information about places you’ve never been.

We found ourselves on a page there that compares countries’ internet hosts, and were astounded to find that Antarctica – not a country at all – is 139th out of 233 entries.

Antarctica (I've never been there) is populated largely by scientists from different countries but has a total of 7,764 hosts – far outranking a number of countries including Jamaica, Cuba and the Democratic Republic of Congo. I've never been to these countries.Far outnumbering Nigeria (I've never been there), with a very large population, in 169th place – and Afghanistan (I've been there), Iraq and the Falkland Islands, too. I've never been to Iraq nor the Falkland Islands.

Antarctica is also ahead of the Isle of Man and way ahead of the Vatican too. I've never been to either of these territories.

Topping the hosts chart are the USA (505,000,000), Japan, Brazil, Italy and China. I've been to these countries excepting Brazil. Poland, Argentina and Canada are ahead of the United Kingdom (8,107,000), while India – with a population of 1.2 billion folk, has 6,746,000 internet hosts. China, with a similar population has 20,602,000 internet hosts. I've been to the USA and India many times.

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