Satechi USB Bottle Lamp lights your desk with LEDs and power from a PC

@ 2013/05/10
Sure, the novelty may have worn off years ago when it comes to those miniature USB-powered accessories that reside on your desk and suck power from a PC, but this nifty lamp from Satechi has a bit more going for it. The simply named USB LED Bottle Lamp consumes just 1.2 watts of power, and while it won't likely have enough output to fill a room, it'll probably do a fair job of bringing some warmth to your workstation. The kit includes only a lampshade, LEDs (rated for 50,000 hours) and a USB cable -- that's right, it's BYOB (Bring Your Own Base). A heavy liquor bottle might be the best fit when it comes to support, but you can use a vase or any similar vessel to keep the lamp upright, too. The USB Bottle Lamp can be yours today for just 25 bucks. Hit the source link below to pick one up.

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