Steiger Dynamics Offers LEET Chassis for DIY Builders

@ 2013/05/09
STEIGER DYNAMICS announced that it released to the DIY PC builder market its custom hand-brushed full aluminum LEET chassis. The chassis is available for sale in both black and silver on the STEIGER DYNAMICS website for 798 USD. Every LEET chassis is complemented with a one year limited warranty. Additionally, each LEET chassis comes with complimentary accessories and peripherals such as the STEIGER DYNAMICS Windows Media Center Remote Control, a STEIGER DYNAMICS Black Cloth Binder, and spare parts/screws/cables.

Optional purchasable accessories include LED chassis lighting, Seasonic power supplies, liquid cooling components, and custom cabling. Now DIY PC builders will be able to incorporate their individual custom configuration into the aesthetically pleasing and easily integrated LEET chassis.

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