Nikon D3200 Camera Review – An Exceptional Entry-Level DSLR

@ 2013/05/07
It’s all to do with the sensor size. When you buy a point-and-shoot camera you are getting either one of a couple different kinds of sensors: CMOS or CCD. The problem with point-and-shoots are the sensors, which tend to be very small compared to a DSLR. That doesn’t mean you can’t take a great photo; it just means the larger the surface area of your sensor the more detail and dynamic range can be stored in an image. Couple that with a good lens and you can obtain truly amazing photos that you could only dream of with a point-and-shoot. The major competitions of DSLRs currently are mirrorless-system cameras. Their small size, quality, and larger sensors are all hot selling points. We would still recommend a DSLR camera for learning purposes, and the Nikon D3200 surely is a great camera to practice with.

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