OCZ Gold PC3700 Rev3

@ 2004/12/05
OCZ Gold PC3700 Rev3 that uses Hynix DT-D5 chips is indeed better than the previous OCZ Gold line of memory. How and why can I say such a thing when I didn't even compare it to the previous? The goal of this review was to see whether the OCZ Gold PC3700 Rev3 is able to perform on the AMD Athlon64 platform. Sure enough, it did, performing very well. Based on this fact alone, the kit of memory is superior than its predecessors. The BT-D5 and CT-D5 (or D43s) were unable to run successfully and stably on A64 platforms, making the migrations from Intel to A64 rather difficult. The overclocking potential of the OCZ Gold PC3700 Rev3 (DT-D5) was rather impressive. It reached a high frequency while maintaining decent timings and a command rate of 1T. Although there might be better memory out there, the Gold PC3700 Rev3 does deserve a good recommendation for the ability to overclock high and perform well on an A64 system


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