Matrix Orbital MX312 Review

@ 2004/12/04
"I'm grateful that this product uses USB for communication; I can't say how much I dislike using legacy connections. The LCDC software that is provided to work with the VFD is great and has tons of configuration options and many available plugins. Not only does this display look amazing but it has a built in keypad for external control. Also if you ever want to change the color of the display you just need to buy a new filter and replace the original one. One thing that I always look for with computer hardware and software is good documentation. Because everyone has a different level of experience it may be necessary to follow the documentation to get the product working the way that you want. Matrix Orbital has done an excellent job providing documentation for just about everything concerning this product and is detailed with pictures and great information. Taking everything into consideration I couldn't ask for much more from a product..."

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