GeForce 6600 Review

@ 2004/12/04
The 6600 or NV43 is basically a little sister version of the NV40 chips that are the basis for the GeForce 6800 cards. The 6600 has 8 pixel pipelines, 3 vertex shaders (v3.0), 1 pixel shader (v3.0), 128 MB of memory and roughly 143 million transistors. The 6600 runs @ a core speed of 300mhz, while the memory runs at about 550mhz. Compared to the 6800 which has 12 pixel pipelines and runs at a core speed of 325mhz. For $120 I would say the 6600 is a much better choice than the 6800 for around $300 when looking at the price/performance ratio. Not to mention when looking at the size of your pocket book.

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