Skype adds video voicemail to Windows desktop beta

@ 2013/05/01
You'd think that with Skype firmly under Microsoft's control, the service would roll out new features to Windows first. Bizarrely, though, that's not the case. Skype's video voicemail feature, which previously soft launched on Android, iOS and OS X, is now coming to Windows 7 and up (a Windows 8 version should be forthcoming), hitting the company's end of April promise. The feature, still labeled a preview, works exactly as advertised, letting users record short video clips that can be sent to and viewed by any contact regardless of their OS. There's one caveat though: you'll need to install Skype 6.5 beta for Windows desktop and Flash to test it out. It's just a risk your vainglorious self will have to take for modernity.

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