Zalman CNPS-7700 Cu Heatsink & Fan

@ 2004/12/04
The CNPS-7700 Cu is Zalman's latest (and largest) addition to their line of radial coolers. This monster measures 5 3/8"/136mm in diameter, and stands 2 5/8"/67mm tall yet masses only 2.0lbs./0.91kg. The heat sink is composed of sixty-five copper alloy stampings that each measure 0.016"/0.40mm thick. Each copper stamping forms two fins that protrude from each side of the heat sink block in a radial pattern, for a total of 130 fins. This, as you might expect, provides a vast amount of surface area. Actually, the amount of surface area on this heat sink is borderline-ridiculous: 506.5 Square Inches/3268 Square centimeters! 3.5+ Square Feet! In layman's terms, the CNPS-7700 Cu heat sink has just a little more surface area than if you laid two food trays commonly found in fast food restaurants everywhere, side by side.

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