England full of unhealthy geeks

@ 2004/12/03
98% eat at desks
THE RESULTS FOR what could well be the most important IT-based survey ever conducted – that's "what do we in the UK eat at our PC" – are in, and they're not looking too good according to Brit ISP UK Online.
98% of people surveyed said that they ate their breakfast, lunch and dinner at the desk every day, say UK Online. With a genuine concern for the health of British PC-users (but not Mac users), UK Online sent a selection of keyboards to the Reading Scientific Services Microscopy Laboratory for testing to find out if the "nation's desktops are as healthy as its new 8Mb service".

After having dissected the sample keyboards, collected dirt and debris were put under the scope to find out exactly what kind of stuff we have lurking under our keys. Findings were generally fatty, including (but not limited to): bread crumbs, traces of doughnuts, crisps, chips, marmalade, meat and sugar and salt crystals, as well as the obvious tea and coffee stains.

Experts are saying that we as a nation aren't eating enough healthy brain food during our working day, and are instead gorging ourselves on "fatty and unhealthy snacks".

Dodgy grub aside, RSSL also uncovered finger nail clippings and "unspecified body hairs." Hmm.

Chris Stening, a spokesman from UK Online reckons the results are "pretty grim". Pretty grim indeed, Chris. Pretty grim indeed. µ

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