Silverstone Nitrogon NT01 CPU Cooler

@ 2004/12/03
Being the first CPU cooler made by Silverstone, I was pretty impressed with the performance of the Nitrogon. The powder heatpipes is something new in the CPU cooling market and this is the first one I have seen. The installation was simple and straight forward. If you had the right setup, you don’t even need to install fans on the cooler. However, the Nitrogon required fans in certain setups and it would be great if Silverstone can bundle a pair of fans with the product. Priced closely to most high performance heatpipe coolers, you should get a Nitrogon yourself and show-it-off to your mates. Oh yeah… the LGA and AMD 64 versions are coming soon! Overall, the Nitrogon is stylish and provides excellent performance!


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